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Frequently Asked Questions


How long can I rent an item from FunBox Rental?

Our minimum rental period are special event (1 day party), 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeeks, 12 weeks, count by weeks not date. But by renting the toys longer you'll get a better deal.


What do I need to do to rent an item from FunBox Rental?

You'll be required to fill up the membership form, sign the Rental Terms and Conditions, provide a copy of your identity card (KTP/SIM/KITAS) and a copy of proof of residence (electricity /telephone/ credit card bill addressed to you at your residence)

A deposit of Rp. 100,000 is needed for every order you make (not every toy). The deposit will be refunded 100% at the end of the rental period if the items you rent are returned in good condition.


How much is the delivery fee? Can I collect my orders at FunBox office?

We can provide customer collection service (by appointment only and on office hours). A delivery fee will be charged to you on top of the rental fee. Delivery fee is between Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 150,000 depending on the distance of your home from our office (max 20 km) and how many car will be used, if you're renting for many items, and will be confirmed by our staff via email together with the confirmation of order.


What are the modes of payment?

Confirmation of payment should be sent to us max at 3pm after confirmation of order via bank transfer to our BCA or CIMB Niaga account.  If we do not receive your confirmation of payment after the maximum date and hour of transfer, we will assume that your order is canceled and we have full rights to rent out the items to other customers.


If the item I want is temporarily unavailable, can I request to be put in the waiting list?

Yes. If you're willing to wait, we will put your name in the waiting list. Once the item is available we will contact the names in the list based on first come first serve basis. But the current customer renting the item has first priority to extend the rent.


How do I extend the rental of the items I'm renting?

We will call you as a gentle reminder 2 (two) days before the end of your rental period to ask if you're extending your rent. If you are, please do inform us by then and the payment for the extension should be transfered into our account on the last day of the previous rental period, at the latest. Delay of payment will result in late payment charge on top of the rental fee.


Are the items available for rent safe for my children?

FunBox Rental only rents out items from high quality, well known brands to ensure their safety.


What about the cleanliness and hygiene of the items?

Cleanliness and hygiene of our items are very important to us. Upon return, every item is washed with biodegradable soap then sanitized. 

Can the things I rent from FunBox rental be used for parties or commercial uses?

The items rented from FunBox are only intended for personal use and it is forbidden to use them for parties and commercial uses, unless otherwise approved by FunBox.


What if my question is not in this page?

For more information, pleas read our Rental Terms and Conditions. For further questions, feel free to contact us at:


Telephone/SMS/Whatsapp: +628161136988



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