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Terms and Conditions


1. Please make sure you have read and agreed to FunBox Rental Terms & Conditions before you rent any item from us.

2. First time customers will be required to:

o Fill up the membership form and sign the Rental Terms and Conditions.

o Provide a copy of identity card (KTP/SIM/KITAS) and a copy of proof of residence (electricity/telephone/credit card bill) addressed to you at your residence.

3. All items must be paid in full prior to delivery, and if an extended rental period is requested then rental charges must be paid before the start of the extended rental period.

4. Funbox Rental retains ownership of the rented items.

5. The items rented are only intended for personal use by children of an appropriate age and must not be used for party purposes or commercial/profit-making purposes (unless otherwise approved by FunBox Rental under specific agreement).

6. Customer is not permitted to lend/transfer possession of the rented items to any other party under any circumstances or conditions.

7. Customer is responsible for checking the condition of the rented items to determine fitness before use. Damages reported after the handover occurs will be regarded as the responsibility of the customer.

8. At the end of the rental period, Customer is obligated to make sure the rented items are in the same state and cleanliness as when received.

9. Customer is responsible for ensuring that the rented items are used in accordance with and within the limits of use.

10. Damages and loss of the rented items while in the possession of the Customer is the responsibility of the Customer. Customer must report to FunBox Rental within twenty-four hours (24 hours) in the event of damage or loss of the rented items.

11. A cleaning fee of Rp 20,000 will be charged to the customer if the rented items are returned in dirty condition.

12. Reasonable wear and tear is acceptable. Any damage that affects the safe use, aesthetic appearance or normal functional use of the item is considered to be Excessive Damage, for which the Customer will be charged. The amount of these charges depends on the amount of damages and Funbox Rental holds full right to assess the damages and losses inflicted. Maximum amount of charges imposed is eight times (8 times) monthly rental price for the item.

13. In the event of loss of rented items while in the possession of the Customer, the Customer will be hold responsible for paying compensation to Funbox Rental at the retail price for the items.

14. Funbox Rental is not responsible for any damages, losses and accidents that may arise while the Customer is in possession of or using the rented items.

15. Exchanging rented items not permitted.

16. As a reminder and courtesy to our Customers, Funbox Rental will contact the Customer two days (2 days) prior to end of rental period. If the Customer has not already requested for an extended rental period, the Customer may do so at that time. The rental fee of the extension must be paid before the start of the extended rental period. Maximum extend for rent toys is 3 x 4 weeks (12 weeks).

17. A late fee will be charged to the customer for delays in returns and late payment of rental extension. The amount of the late fee is two-weeks rental of the items.

18. This rental agreement applies to all items hired by the customer and applies at all times, both the present and future unless there is a change of terms.

19. Funbox reserves the right to alter and add to the contents of this agreement at any time, and will promptly notify the Customer of any such alterations or additions

20. All Customers personal information received by Funbox Rental will be kept confidential and will not be given to third parties without Customer consent.


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