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Little Tikes Big Adventures Action Fliers & ELC Space Trio

4 weeks : 125,000

2 weeks : 75,000

Track set from Little Tikes

NO Little Tikes Vehicles

Included:ELC Space Trio (3 vehicles)

Age Range:3yrs+


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Kids can go anywhere they want to go with their very own airport play set. Kids will love to launch the airplanes off the tower and watch them fly or taxi the planes to the hanger down the spiral tower. Guide the helicopter in for a landing by turning on the tower lights and sounds! Kids will think big with this Big Adventures Little Tikes play set!  


• Toy airplanes can be launched off the tower  
  • Send the planes down the ramp to make them "fly"  
  • Kids can take the planes and the truck down the spiral ramp  
  • Airplane hanger to store the planes  
  • Garage for the truck  
  • Landing pad on top of the tower has lights and sounds  
  • A stop bar can be placed at the bottom of the tower ramp to stop the truck  



Track set (from Little Tikes, no little tikes vehicles)

Accessories included: ELC Space Trio (3 vehicles)


TIPS: can use with any brand vehicles toy

(example, not included: hotwheels, etc)

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