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FunBox Rental provides toy rental service in Jakarta to parents with children up to the age of 6 years. We hope to help parents ensure optimal development for their children without having to spend a lot of money and storage space. Rent from us age appropriate toys for your developing children at a reasonable fee and just give them back when your children outgrow them or just had enough of them! It's simple and hassle-free, because you can place your order in the convenience of your home and we deliver the toys to your door then pick them up again when you're finished renting them!


FunBox Rental menyediakan layanan sewa mainan anak, sewa mainan anak Jakarta, rental mainan anak, rental mainan anak Jakarta untuk orang tua yang mempunyai anak balita sampai dengan umur 6 tahun. Kami mengharapkan dapat membantu orang tua untuk dapat mengembangkan potensi anaknya secara optimal tanpa harus mengeluarkan banyak uang dan tidak ada tempat untuk menyimpannya, jika sudah tidak dimainkan.

Funbox menyediakan mainan yang disewa yang disesuaikan dengan umur dan perkembangan anak Anda dengan harga yang sesuai. Mainan tersebut dapat segera dikembalikan setelah anak Anda sudah selesai bermain ataupun sudah tidak sesuai dengan umurnya. Prosesnya mudah dan tidak repot, karena Anda dapat memilihnya di rumah dan FunBox akan mengantarkannya ke rumah Anda dan kembali mengambilnya setelah Anda selesai menyewa atau merentalnya.


How To Rent




Dear Customer FunBox,

We are selling our preloved toys,

please contact us for details

Rent Toys only for existing customer

(area limited)

please contact us for details:




Jessica: +628161136988

Thank you


Booking toys only 3 days before delivery

We deliver and pick up toys between 9am-3pm 

We are very sorry can not request delivery or pick up time.

We will inform routes in the morning,

if there's traffic or other conditions in the road,

routes can change,

but the toys will be deliver, if we already inform to deliver it.

Just make sure there's someone at your home/apartment

to received or to give back the toy

(for apartment can not put or take in the receptionist)

Thank you for your cooperation


Check out our Independence Promo Rent for August 2016 (order and deliver on August 2016 only) at our website 
All toys for rent only discount 17% from regular price (all rent terms)
Thank you 

Kindly write your question/make an order through our website

We will reply your email/messages within office/working hours:
Monday-Friday : 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 10 am

Sunday/Holiday : Off

Sorry, We don't have any showroom and no pre-viewing toys before rental

Payment must be paid in full payment by transfer only, no COD/cash payment

Customer can pick up by an appointment only 1 day before, inform max at 3 pm so we can prepare the toys for pick up for the day after according to working hours (max 3 days booked toys)

All messages: telephone, sms/text, e-mail, whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, LINE, etc will reply and answer only on OFFICE/WORKING HOURS


- Our rent terms is count by weeks, not date or not month

- Available toys can not be booked for a period of time (Booking can be made, max 3 days before delivery)

- We will only deliver the toys if the payment already paid in full payment (new and existing) max 1 day before delivery (sorry no COD)

- Our toys only deliver to home and apartment (personal use only) sorry can not request time of delivery

- Maximum time of received order and already paid at 15.00 to be delivered the next morning (according to schedule that will be arranged by FunBox)

- We only rent for home and apartment only (sorry can not in restaurant or hotel or function hall or apartment function hall or office or exhibition or mall or other place beside home and apartment) and no delivery on Sunday

- FunBox only deliver for Jakarta area only

- FunBox is located at Pantai Mutiara-Pluit, Jakarta Utara 14450

- Delivery Fee (include assemble and dissamble the toys) according to the distance

-Delivery by FunBox only, no delivery by third party

- Minimum order IDR 100,000 (for delivery)

- Sorry exchanging rent toys and terms of rent are not permitted (after the toys already delivered to customer / picked up by customer) if customers want to pick up/return more earlier (it's up to the customer choice), but we are very sorry the rent money can not be return or accumulate to a new rent (rent money and terms of rent)

- Pickup by customer can be arrange by appointment only and on office hours (already know what to rent and full payment in advance, sorry no showroom & no COD) and only small toys and baby toys can pick up by customer (big toys must deliver) pick up max 2 toys only (max appointment 1 day before pick up, at 3 pm)

-Sorry can not use third party courrier for pick up and return by customer

(such as motorcycle/car courrier, must by customer/customer personal driver)

- Contact us if you have any questions about FunBox rental procedure or terms and conditions

Thank you and happy renting with FunBox

By renting means: Customers agreed with FunBox Terms and Conditions


Monday-Friday: 08.00 - 17.00 (for pick up/return by customer, with appointment only)

For Delivery/pick up by FunBox: 09.00 - 15.00 (sorry can not request time of delivery)

Saturday: 08.00 - 10.00 (for pick up/return by customer, with appointment only)

For Delivery/pick up by FunBox: 09.00 - 15.00 (sorry can not request time of delivery)

Sunday, Public Holiday, Government Holiday, Religion Holiday


Categories on our Website:

All Items-Rent Toys: all our collection toys for rent

Available-Rent Toys: available toys for rent, updated everyday

Not Available-Rented : toys are being rented, you can contact us for availibility



Dear Value Customer,

The renting price is exclude Delivery Fee.

Shipping: Refundable Deposit & Delivery Fee (delivery & pick up)

Full payment in advance before the toys deliver, sorry no COD

We will confirm the detail delivery via e-mail

after you make an order according to the delivery address.


Telephone/SMS/Whatsapp/LINE:+628161136988 (Jessica)

or you can choose on the left: Quick navigation - Contact us

Thank you

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